New Parents

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Thanks for stopping by!  A Baby Observed has been a side project for as long as I've been a father.  Although my daughter provides me with endless inspiration, I am a man prone to distraction, and my sweet daughter has become my most beloved enabler.  My weak constitution coupled with her disruptions delayed the launch of this site.  First by days, then by months, and then, yes, by even longer.

Nonetheless, here we are.  At last.


As far as supporting the blog, you're here.  Thank you.  That is enough to make me forever grateful.  If you're curious how else you can help support A Baby Observed (and by extension, my sweet little pumpkin), please see the following:

  • The Free Option: Spread the Word:  My goal is for every parent to know they are not alone.  If you think this blog would bring a smile to someone's face, please send them this way.  

  • The Win-Win Option: Buy Stuff:  I include some suggested products in the Stuff For Parents posts.  When purchasing items through the links I provide, I may get a small commission.  It adds up.

  • The Personal Coach Option: Email me about the Book:  The book isn't out yet, but in the meantime, you could send me an email asking when the book will be out.  Your inquiry will give me that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach...the type I get when I know what needs to be done and am in denial about doing it.  The type that causes me run around my house doing meaningless chores until I've flushed enough anxiety out of my system to do the thing I dread most.  Open my computer and write.