Baby Fashion

If I could give you a link to a garage sales, I would.  Garage sales are great because you can discover what types of baby clothes you like, dislike, and downright hate for a fraction of the original cost.  Of course, the downside of garage sales is that the clothes might be shrunk, stained, or pulverized through use into a coarser version of their original plushness.  There is no free lunch, as they say.

In any event, I'll give you some places to start.  Magnetic Me pajamas are held by magnets rather than zippers or buttons.  Had someone told me that getting my sweet baby into and out of pajamas could break a man, I wouldn't have believed it.  But as your friend, let me tell you this, it can break a man.  Magnets are easier than buttons or zippers.  Worth thinking about.

If you're in no mood for magnets, then for Heaven's sake, at least get ones with double zippers so you can simplify the diaper changing process.  Mitten cuffs are nice to have too.  These are a good example.  

When your baby gets older and starts walking, it will be good to have pajamas with footie cuffs so they can walk with their grippy little rhinoceros feet out and sleep with those cozy feet tucked away.  Little Sleepies is the best brand we've found for this.  

As for regular clothes, get a coffee and go to a store with a baby section.  You will find something to love.  We've also found good options at H&M.  

As you'll soon realize, if you haven't already, your baby is desperately lovable whatever their outfit (or no outfit at all).  Between friends, I'll tell you that despite her dresser of clothes, our little girl is only dressed for visitors and photos.  Otherwise, we're all happiest when she stays in a functional pair of pajamas.  Sometimes with a bow.