Bathing Babies

Cleaning a baby is no easy chore.

Start with safety:  get a faucet guard to protect against head bonks and an bath mat to soften the bottom of the tub.  We like this ducky that tells if the water temperature is too hot.  

Next, get some nice washcloths and a towel to dry baby off at the end.  

We like this simple baby soap (along with a lotion for after the bath).  If your little one is dealing with cradle cap, try this shampoo and this comb set.  Works wonders.  

Finally, if I may make a recommendation for you, the parent: buy this knee pad and storage kit.  Sure, you could live without it.  I'm sure it would build a lot of character, as my dad would say, to grind your knees into the tile floor and grate your ribs against the side of the tub.  On the other hand, if you use this, it will lessen the pain and leave you more bandwidth in your brain to enjoy bathtime with your baby.