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Getting Educated

Friends, when it comes to parenting, please do not learn everything the hard way.  You are here, of course, and that's a start.  But there are better resources than me out there.  A lot better.

If I had to recommend two, they are Mama Natural and Taking Cara Babies.  

Mama Natural offers a heck of an online & on-demand natural birth course for preparing couples for a natural birth.  You can read about my light-headed preparations for birth in A Canceled Rave.  It's great information that will help improve any woman's chance for a natural birth.  For the men out there, it gives you something to do in order to prepare for that for which there is no preparation.  

While we relied most heavily on Mama Natural pre-birth, she also has wonderful information on a variety of other topics for after your little one arrives.

Meanwhile, for an expert on getting your sweet child to sleep sweetly, Taking Cara Babies takes the cake.  Their online classes for newborns to two-year olds will pay your in the most valuable currency in history...better than gold, better than bitcoin, yes, the answer is sleep.  When you are exhausted (see Was She Awake?), defeated (see Sleep Battles), or paranoid that the world has conspired against you (see A Creak In the Night), she will know what to do, and like me, you will be forever grateful to her for it.