Diapering Babies

This is a war, and the enemy is diaper rash.  

You may think I'm kidding, but the first time you see you sweet child in discomfort from a raw bum, you, too, will put on the warpaint and utter growly oaths of "never again."

But first, find a changing table.  This is a cute one, and this is a durable one.  

Diapers are diapers, but above all, we look for hypoallergenic diapers that have fewer chemicals, fragrances, and other additives.  Honest Company diapers are a good place to start.  As for wipes, the simpler the better.  Water wipes work great.  A wipe holder is super helpful.  

Get an Armageddon-caliber diaper rash cream.  We tried to use the natural stuff first, but it's not up to the task.  Get yourself a little fan to blow on baby's bum after you're done cleaning to dry it completely (this can also be clipped to the stroller to cool baby on hot stroller rides).  

Finally, Diaper Pail.  Be careful when changing the bags.