Helping Those Mamas

If your mama is still a mama-to-be, buy her a body pillow.  Get her some pink stork tea for morning sickness, and a belly brace to ease some of her aches and pains.  

If she's a reader, get her The Happiest Baby on the Block.  A combo maternity/nursing sweater is good loungewear to have while reading.  

Post-partum, try some supplements.  Collagen can work great to reduce post-partum hair loss.  

Most importantly, remember to get her gifts that don't revolve around a baby as well.  A home decor book to look through.  Organizational shelves to install.  Things that used to be boring are less boring after having kids.  

Wondering how to be a good father and husband at the same time?  I have no links to provide for that.  You don't need them.  You'll know what to get, what to say, and what to do.  Close enough, at least.  Be a great spouse, be a great parent, and embrace every moment.  Life is a beautiful, fleeting flame, and you're there to cuddle a spark into fire.