Baby Pool Party

It would probably be good to live a little in the midst of all this life-altering change.  Thus, I give you the baby pool party.

Sure, you could buy a cheap baby saucer of a pool and stand in ankle deep water with your baby.  But let me tell you what we did instead.  We bought an inflatable pool made for four adults to drink margaritas together.  We put it on our patio.  To be more precise, we bought some workout tiles, put those on our patio, and put the pool on top of it so it had a nice, cushioned bottom.  We used this little beast of an air pump to inflate the pool.  

We put our daughter in this sweet little swim suit, with a swim diaper, and a beach hat.  Once we assembled her into her ocean faring self, we slathered her in baby sunscreen and put her into an inflatable floaty.   Voila.  She loved it.  So did we.

We kept the pool clean using this little net and a tarp to cover it.  And suddenly, we had a parcel of Hawaii in our backyard.