Sick Babies

The first time my child got sick, I thought of emailing every Nobel laureate and blaming them for wasting their brilliance on any topic other than childhood illness.  

I did not send the email.  

On the bright side, they say being sick helps to develop a child's immune system.  I think this is a wonderful thing to ponder while my baby is happy and healthy.  When she is sick, though, I get no comfort at all from this sentiment.

But it happens.  

For congestion, you should get the Frida snot sucker.  The idea of it may disgust you, but it works well, and I assure you that far more disgusting circumstances than this have already been thrust upon you as a parent.  

And if you're going to get the Frida snot sucker, just consider getting their whole kit.  

You'll need a  good baby thermometer.  You'll also need some medication.  I was shocked at how much artificial coloring was in children's Tylenol, but there's a good brand of dye-free pain/fever reducer here.