Sleeping Babies

Think about all the activities that filled your life before you had a newborn baby.  You ate, drank, cleaned, exercised, read, napped, used the restroom, and a thousand other peaceful habits.

Now, however, you need to accomplish all those same responsibilities in much less time.  To be more precise, you must accomplish all those same responsibilities while your baby is sleeping.

That baby needs to sleep.

Start with a sound machine.  A really extraordinary one.  The type that can double as a night light.  The type that can play soothing water sounds in the background or project white noise so loud and so far that the pedestrians passing your house will rub their ears and wonder why their eyes feel droopy.  Get one that you can control from your phone so when your spouse whispers into the camera to turn it up, turn it down, or change the light to finally lull your baby into that nap, you can save the day from your living room while watching Netflix.  That's right, I'm talking about the Hatch.

While the Hatch can work as a night light, there's something special about a Salt Lamp.  We had the Hatch in our bedroom and a Salt Lamp in the nursery.  Peace reigned throughout our house.

The Hatch and Salt Lamp have something in common - they both produce light.  There is another, more natural light source (called the Sun) that needs to be dimmed significantly during daytime naps.  Buy some blackout curtains.

As for pacifiers, you may need to test a few different styles.  Two great options to start with are this one and this one.  

Now that we've discussed the environment that makes a baby sleep, lets talk about the logistics of sleep itself.  A Crib.  A mattress.  Crib sheets.

But baby won't be in the crib much, especially in the beginning.  As for a bassinet, I suggest the Snoo.  Expensive, yes.  Is there a time in the first three months of your baby's life where you would trade all your current and future wealth for three hours of sleep?  Yes.  Worth looking into.

Another, much less expensive item that is brilliant and practical is this little sleep pillow.  This is the one you set next to you in the living room while baby naps and you do yoga, watch TV at low volume, or snack quietly on sweets (you do deserve them).  

What will sweet little pumpkin be wearing during naps and nighttime?  Here's a great swaddle.  Try the sleepsack when they are big enough.  Buy some pajamas with built-in mittens for those little dinosaur hands.  

Finally, as to a monitor.  When security cameras are rebranded as baby monitors, the price is increased a lot.  You might just consider getting a security camera.  This one works great.  

Good luck, friends.