Transporting Babies

After we got home from the hospital, I planned to never leave the house again.  I thought it would take that long for all of us to recover.  That's not the way it works, though.

Buy a car seat.  This one comes with a newborn insert.  If you're having a baby in a chilly climate, get a car seat cover too.  Although a newborn won't be interested in it, a few months into living, your baby will love a car seat toy.

You should also prepare your car for your baby.  A baby mirror to keep on eye on the sweet tot, and a seat cover to help your car survive your growing family.  

Once you venture outside of the car, you need a stroller.  And let me tell you, a stroller that glides along smoothly is the sort of thing that can make your day.  Every day.  This is your life now.  The Baby Jogger stroller is the one you want.  Later, as your baby grows, you can strap that chunky delight to your chest for walks.  Try this Carry-along.  

When you're out in the world, you'll need a Diaper Bag.  And when you're staying awhile with friends or family, a Pack & Play is your friend.